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Ultipack Ultimate Frisbee Backpack (White/Black)

Ultipack Ultimate Frisbee Backpack (White/Black)

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Introducing the Ultipack, the ultimate frisbee backpack designed by seasoned ultimate frisbee players, for ultimate frisbee players. Engineered to cater to every facet of your frisbee journey, Ultipack is the epitome of ultimate frisbee gear, ensuring you're always equipped for stress-free play. 

Crafted with precision, this frisbee backpack is the perfect blend of functionality and style. With dedicated compartments for your frisbee disc, stool, cleats, and more, Ultipack keeps everything organized and easily accessible, making it the ideal frisbee disc bag for players of all levels.

From impromptu throw sessions to post-work practices, to tournament weekends on the road, Ultipack has you covered. Its durable construction and ergonomic design ensure comfort and convenience every step of the way, making it the ultimate frisbee backpack for avid players like you.

Elevate your game with Ultipack—the ultimate frisbee backpack and disc carrier that sets the standard for performance and quality in ultimate frisbee equipment. Get yours today and experience the difference firsthand.

 Inside, you'll find: 

 A mesh disc sleeve to conveniently store and access your frisbee

A built-in stool to easily put on your frisbee cleats or take a breather (tested up to 180lb weight capacity) 

A spacious main compartment to neatly store your jerseys, warm-ups, a sweatshirt, rain jacket, and even a blanket! 

Stuck in pocketless frisbee shorts? Use your built-in fanny pack for post-game socials and team outings

A mesh water-bottle holder wide enough for a 32oz Nalgene

A large cleat pocket to keep those muddy frisbee cleats separate

5 small bonus pockets to accommodate sunglasses, sandals, jewelry/watches, your lucky socks, Swedish Fish, first aid supplies, and more

 Internal side mesh pocket to hold clean jerseys for gameday/pickup

Internal side zip pocket to store dirty jerseys/clothes separate from the rest of the backpack interior

8 exterior straps for carabiners 

Additional sleeve to fit a laptop, favorite book, or tablet

Padded back and buckles for comfortable weight distribution and 

Get ready faster, come prepared, and enjoy stress-free ultimate frisbee whenever, wherever. 

✅ FREE Shipping FREE 30-Day Returns 

Designed to fit as a Frontier Airlines Personal Item!

*Official sponsor of the Salt Lake Shred* 

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Customer Reviews

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Soo convenient

This bag is soo amazing! It’s the perfect size where it’s not too big for practice yet big enough to fit everything for a tournament weekend! The included stool and rainfly are the most ingenious ideas.