About Us

The year was 2022. It was a cold and gray February day in Louisville, Kentucky. 

I was writing in my journal when it struck me. 

I spent the rest of the day finding someone to help me turn my idea into reality. 

I stumbled across Rick, a designer from England. 

Countless emails and Zoom calls gave way to 5-6 iterations of the backpack. 

From the padding on the back, to the size of the water bottle holder, to the shape of the zipper tags, we tested and optimized everything for a busy, on-the-go, ultimate player with a big water bottle, stinky cleats, and an unlucky propensity to get caught playing in the rain.  

In May 2023, a month before my wedding, Rick told me it was time. He was ready to ship the final, perfected Ultipacks to me. 

I said, "Hold on ! I don’t have money anymore. I could make this investment in 2022 but now it’s 2023 and I just bought a house in Denver and planned an entire wedding."

Rick said, "No problem, you don’t have to buy them all at once." So, I paid for the first 100 backpacks.

Rick shipped them out on May 27th. 

For two months, I lived in stress. I had no idea where they were and neither did Rick. 

Then, the morning of July 22, 2023, my phone buzzed.

The elusive Ultipacks were spotted in Bloomington, CA.

On July 25th 2023, they were at my backdoor in Littleton, CO. 

On July 28th, 2023, the Ultipacks were launched to the public for the first time.

As of August 2023, there are Ultipacks in 10 US states: CO, NJ, HI, OH, MN, WA, UT, VA, CA, AZ. Our goal is to get an Ultipack in all 50 states by 2024.